Digital Digitalvar marketing is perhaps the most overlooked part of advertising which uses new digital technologies like desktop publishing, cell phones, handheld devices and various other web based technologies like the Internet, social media, video and audio channels. Basically, digital marketing helps in creating and disseminating information through different media to all possible target market groups. This means that any and every piece of advertisement, whether it is an article blog post, or press release, has to be created and published using digital tools and technologies. The biggest advantage of digital marketing over traditional forms of advertising is that it has an extremely wide reach as not everyone uses a PC or a smart phone hence reaching a wider audience.

Some of the typical features of digital marketing campaigns include: pre-selling, targeting of specific communities, usage of video and images, instant response, immediate feedback and monitoring of results. A typical platform used by digital marketing experts and marketers includes: social media marketing platforms, content and feed management platforms, e-commerce platforms, analytics management platforms and mobile devices. There are various digital marketing tools and platforms which have been adopted by marketing experts and marketers for effective online marketing campaigns. These include: email marketing campaigns, affiliate marketing programs, and RSS feeds, video production and distribution platforms, website analytics, content syndication, viral marketing campaigns, landing pages, one-click advertising, RSS feeds and contextual advertising. However, all these platforms work on the same principle of generating traffic, promoting products and services, and improving brand recognition and loyalty.

In digital marketing, different types of advertising options are used for promoting products or services. Some of these options include: Pay per Click (PPC), Pay Per Call (PPC), and AdWords. Most of the PPC campaigns, usually launched by online marketing agencies, use bid management to help measure the success of ads. There are two factors to keep in mind while running a PPC campaign, one being the cost per click and the other being the cost per impression. Apart from bidding, some advertising agencies also use cost per mille.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are gaining momentum and popularity in the world of internet marketing because they are used for communicating with prospects, strengthening business ties and attracting new customers. A digital channel can be used for online marketing through these digital channels. Various social media platforms provide rich information about the company, product and service. The most popular and useful social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter. Google+ can also be used as an additional digital channel for online marketing.

Businesses and organizations need to be conscious about the kind of advertising that they opt for. Marketing is usually done in two distinct ways – traditional and modern digital marketing strategies. The conventional digital marketing strategy is centred on television, radio and print media to the digital marketing strategies are more focus on online advertising and web 2.0 strategies. While it is true that digital marketing has become a part and parcel of traditional marketing, the fact that it is cheaper and easier to launch a campaign makes it a preferred option by most of the businesses. Companies can also use the traditional channels for online marketing but due to its greater reach, it tends to attract a large audience and is able to make a strong impact on them. It is because of this reason that online digital marketing is preferred by many companies.

Digital marketers have the power to run campaigns across various platforms and can track the performance of their campaigns on a regular basis. They can analyze the response of the campaigns and can optimize the campaigns accordingly. The campaigns can also be customized according to the target audience, budget and products and services offered. This way the digital marketers are able to provide their clients with customized services and can measure the success of their campaigns. This enables them to gain an upper hand over their competitors.